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Organizing Donors to Advance Racial Justice

We’re building a new philanthropic power base committed to cross-class, cross-racial solidarity and racial justice. Every program we develop, event we host, and conversation we facilitate aims to ensure that Black, Indigenous, and all people of color can thrive.

Member Education

Our member network is a space where wealthy donors of color can connect, learn, and strategize. We aim to build the collective influence of BIPOC funders through content, resources, and events.

Biweekly Member Connection Meetings built around social justice issues.

Monthly Movement Webinars to learn from leaders in racial equity and justice.

Annual retreat to gather the BIPOC donor ecosystem.

Working groups focused on problem-solving and leveraging collective resources.

Trust-building spaces to advance solidarity across race and class.

Learning journeys to dive deep into issue areas.

Catalytic Giving

When wealthy donors of color give in solidarity, they have the power to reallocate resources to communities of color and close the racial wealth gap. We encourage our members to channel their collective influence toward values-aligned BIPOC-led and movement organizations. 

We have three catalytic giving funds.

The Power Fund: Create change for and accountability to communities of color.

Solidarity is Power: Invest in young leaders and create a multiracial democracy.

Radical Resources: Build generational power and wealth in BIPOC communities.

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Philanthropic Advocacy

The Climate Funders Justice Pledge (CFJP) is a call to action to demand accountability from top climate funders and solve the climate crisis.

Allocate at least 30% of their climate funding to BIPOC-led power-building groups.

Commit to greater transparency in their grant reporting.

In its first year, CFJP identified and secured a new $100 million funding baseline for BIPOC-led climate reports.

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