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Build cross-racial connections & amplify your impact

A Cross-Class, Cross-Racial Community Committed to Racial Justice

Learn, organize, strategize, and take action alongside other wealthy donors of color, BIPOC led-organizations, and movement leaders.

“As people of color with the capacity to give a lot, we are a new power source to fuel racial and gender justice movements and defeat white nationalism and white supremacy; and as a cross-racial community, we have the opportunity to practice and teach the solidarity needed now more than ever.”

Urvashi Vaid

DOCN Co-founder

Become a Transformative Force for Change

There are nearly 1.32 million people of color with assets over $1 million. Collectively, you have the power to be a transformative force for change at a historic moment.

Joining DOCN means you’re ready to build a world where people of color can thrive.

Be part of the only cross-racial donor network focused on advancing racial equity and justice.

Experience joy and solidarity with a powerful values-aligned community.

Connect with peers, leaders from social movements, and people from the philanthropic world.

Discover ways to take strategic action to support the movements driving systemic change.

Trust that your member dues create a more just and equitable system for communities.

Who Are Our Members

Our community spans race, ethnicity, national origin, and intersections of gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. Members come from different backgrounds and lived experiences. They’re connected by a deep desire to use their influence to advance racial justice and build power in communities of color.

"I’ve been a DOCN member since 2020. I first joined to be part of a community that allowed me to explore my identity as a donor, to strengthen my practice of giving, and to be part of coordinated giving efforts that centered the importance of investing in communities of color. As a member, I’ve enjoyed connecting with other members and staff who bring so much experience, political awareness, and thoughtfulness to the work. My favorite part of being a member is the annual retreat, which is always equal parts fun/socializing and learning/action."

Ivan Rosales

DOCN Member

Connect with Joyful Peers Who Share Your Values

“In my life I’ve been waiting for something that is cross-racial, multi-generational, and working on systemic change. This is a dream.”

Elizabeth Wang

DOCN Member

Attend biweekly Member Connection meetings built around issues, content, and resources.

Access a virtual Membership Portal to find and engage with other members.

Join our annual retreat that gathers the BIPOC donor ecosystem with special spaces for members to connect, reflect, and strategize.

Learn from Movement Leaders

  • Monthly Movement Webinars to learn from leaders in racial equity and justice.

  • Working groups focused on learning, problem-solving, and leveraging collective resources.

  • Trust-building spaces to advance solidarity across race and class.

  • Learning journeys to dive deep into issue areas, so we can understand history and create a new future.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in this important retreat. I am one of the many, many people whose lives have been dedicated to the progressive and indeed, radical movements to transform our world and create legacies of continued struggle for the future. And in that capacity, I would really like to offer collective gratitude for the Donors of Color Network."

Angela Davis

Political Activist

Act to Advance Equity & Justice

Discover values-aligned organizations that can channel your giving to advance racial justice.

Partner with local companies, connectors, and philanthropic institutions to create change in your community.

Contribute to research and data that drive BIPOC donor strategies for our network and the broader BIPOC donor ecosystem.

Cultivate Personal Connections

Our ever-expanding network of like-minded donors, connectors, companies, and philanthropic institutions come together for in-person gatherings throughout the year. Events take place in major metropolitan areas across the country.

“It was a special and historic gathering for so many reasons. A week later, and I am still buzzing with excitement and hope. Just knowing this community exists is giving me a boost to think and dream bigger… I’m fired up to take my work to the next level!”

Roger Kim

DOCN Member

Member Expectations & Eligibility

Be actively philanthropic based on your individual capacity.

Participate in curated leadership opportunities for speaking and media, learning, strategy sessions, and board service.

Work with staff and other members to review and align your giving according to our Inclusion Principles.

Support specially curated Catalytic Giving opportunities planned by staff and strategic partners to advance racial equity and justice.

Membership Levels

Your dues support DOCN's operating costs and the BIPOC donor ecosystem, including DOCN members, leaders at philanthropic institutions, and movement leaders.

Membership Level
Annual Dues
Emerging Donor
Power Duo
Legacy Investor

Check out our membership prospectus for more details.

Have Questions about Becoming a DOCN Member?

Who is on DOCN's board of directors?

Our board is comprised of leaders across sectors. You can see our board members here.

How big is the Donors of Color Network staff?

We have 9 people on staff. You can learn more about our team here.

In DOCN involved in elections and lobbying?

No, but we do have a sister organization, Donors of Color Action (DOCA), that is a 501c4. Learn more about DOCA here.

Where is DOCN located?

We are a national, remote organization. Our team members are located from coast to coast and we host events across the country.

Does DOCN provide grants to organizations?

DOCN is not a grantmaker, so we don't accept grant requests. However, our members sometimes pool support as part of our Catalytic Giving program.

How is DOCN funded?

DOCN receives funding from foundations and additional support from membership dues.

How many members does DOCN have?

As of December 2023, our membership base is 78 people and growing!

Who is DOCN's current leader?

Our Executive Director is Isabelle H. Leighton. You can read her bio here.

How long has DOCN been around?

We were founded in 2019 by Urvashi Vaid, activist, author and revolutionary visionary, and Founding Co-Directors Ashindi Maxton and Hali Lee, two nationally recognized philanthropic innovators.

What does Donors of Color Network do?

We bring together wealthy donors of color who want to leverage their giving and actions for a just and equitable multiracial future that ensures we all can thrive.

Who is the Donors of Color Network?

The Donors of Color Network is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to build the collective power of donors of color to advance racial equity and justice.

For any other questions about becoming a Donors of Color Network member, get in touch at

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