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Do you share our vision for a just and equitable multiracial future where all can thrive? We welcome relationships with values-aligned journalists, editors, influencers, and content creators who want to help shift the scales toward racial justice. 

Here you’ll find information about our work, how to engage our leaders, highlights from our research, recent media coverage, and news from inside our organization.

“I would say this advocating—being a voice to hold mainstream philanthropy accountable—is a role that we play at Donors of Color Network and is a really unique position that we take.”

Isabelle Leighton

Executive Director

Framing the Conversation

About DOCN

Donors of Color Network is the only cross-racial donor network focused on advancing racial equity and justice. We’re building a community where donors of color can connect, collaborate, and create change. Our network gives in solidarity to move resources to and build power in communities of color. By channeling the collective influence of our members into values-aligned organizations, we bridge the gap between mainstream philanthropy and racial justice movements. Together, we’re creating a multiracial future where all can thrive.

Our Leadership

Isabelle Leighton

Executive Director

Isabelle took on the role of Executive Director at DOCN to upend philanthropy as usual. She’s leading the fight in challenging philanthropy to trust the experiences of activists of color and properly invest in their movements.

Get Isabelle’s insights about:

  • Racial Justice

  • Economic Justice

  • Philanthropy

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Our Impact

We’re proud of the difference our network has made in just a few short years.

Accomplishments to Date

Members channeled $20 million to values-aligned organizations

Launched 3 grantmaking funds to support 15 grantees

Mobilized $120 million in funding to BIPOC-focused climate justice organizations

Secured 31 Climate Funders Justice Pledges, including 11 top climate funders

Our Research

Donors of Color Network develops and shares resources that play a role in shifting the center of gravity in philanthropy in the U.S. We invite you to reference our research in your work.

Philanthropy Always Sounds Like Someone Else: A Portrait of High Net Worth Donors of Color

See a qualitative analysis of interviews with 113 high-net-wealth Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) donors, conducted over three years in ten cities across the U.S.

POC Donor Collaborative: A Case for a National Network of Donors of Color Working for Racial, Economic, and Gender Equity and Justice

  • There are nearly 1.32 million individuals of color with assets over $1 million.

  • Tens of thousands of people of color have assets greater than $30 million.

Understand the significant absence of resources—philanthropic and political capital—to support those working to advance racial, gender, and economic justice.

Inclusive Language: Communities of Color

Language is imperfect and ever-changing.

For now, we’re using the term ‘communities of color.’ By that, we mean people from AAPI, AMENA, BIPOC, and Latinx(a/o/e) communities in all of their complexities and intersections.

We recognize that communities of color share inequitable experiences of oppression under settler colonialism. We see those struggles and shine a light on the joy and tenacity employed to seek freedom and justice.

Please see the APA’s guide for more direction on inclusive language.

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