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A Transformative Force for Change

Our member community spans races, ethnicities, national origins, and intersections of gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. We come together as a transformative force for change that’s stronger because of our differences.

“As people of color with the capacity to give a lot, we are a new power source to fuel racial and gender justice movements and defeat white nationalism and white supremacy; and as a cross-racial community, we have the opportunity to practice and teach the solidarity needed now more than ever.”

Urvashi Vaid

DOCN Co-founder

We Can Do More Together

Wealthy people of color, BIPOC-led organizations, and movement leaders are coming together to create a new philanthropic power base that’s driving cross-class, cross-racial solidarity and racial justice.  Together, we’re growing and channeling our collective knowledge, resources, and influence toward a just and equitable future for all.

Belonging in Community

Members regularly convene virtually and in person to connect, reflect, and strategize about how to advance solidarity across race and class.

“I feel so isolated in many of the donor spaces I inhabit. The Donors of Color Network feels like the only place where I belong—these are my people.”
“I love the inclusive vibe of the DOCN community, I feel like I can talk to anyone.”
“I have been looking for something like DOCN for a long time, and now I feel so excited about what we can do together.”

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Shared Commitment and Values

Every member of our community is committed to building a world where people of color can thrive. We rally around a set of grounding values and bring this ethos to everything we do.





Values-Aligned Organizations & Movement Leaders

Our network embraces BIPOC-led and movement organizations across sectors that are building power toward racial justice.

Meet our movement partners.

Every organization in our community commits to five inclusion principles that help dismantle racial hierarchy and close the wealth gap.

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