Research & Reports


Donors of Color Network was born out of a multi-faceted, multi-year research initiative started in 2016. Research about and for high net worth donors of color had never been done before, but is crucial to advancing our work. Below are the various reports we’ve published.


Understanding and Engaging High Net Worth Donors of Color

This original landscape analysis looks at the giving patterns and priorities of high net worth (HNW) people of color. It summarizes information from interviews, shares insights gathered from a meta analysis of research, and outlines a set of recommendations. The report was made possible with support from Marguerite Casey Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation, Arcus Foundation, the New York Women’s Foundation and the Advancement Project

People of color who have high net worth (HNW) are the “sleeping giants” of social change philanthropy. Their vision, experience and leadership are potentially transformational to the work of movements for racial, economic, and gender equity.


A Case for a National Network of Donors of Color Working for Racial, Economic and Gender Equity and Justice

There are nearly 2 million individuals of color with assets over $1 million and tens of thousands of people of color with assets greater than $30 million. This is a moment of tremendous opportunity for all those who care about racial, economic and gender equity, but there is significant absence of resources—philanthropic and political capital—to support those working to advance racial, gender and economic justice.
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