Inclusion Principles


The Donors of Color Network is focused on building power in communities of color nationally. We do this by investing in leaders of color, through supporting in state level organizing and advocacy, and through promotion of the Inclusion Principles. These Inclusion Principles are a set of voluntary commitments we ask organizations we support to make. We aim to influence how budgets are made, how dollars are allocated, how boards are built, and how folks are hired by requiring a racial equity lens for each. These Principles commit organizations who endorse them to change the amount and the destinations of the resources they deploy in order to actively support communities of color and indigenous communities, mobilizing, persuading, and influencing how dollars are spent, how priorities are made, how people are hired and cultivated for leadership, and how boards are populated.


We invite others to sign on to the following principles, committing to a new vision for movement building in 2020:


Fund Communities of Color

Allocate at least 30% of their overall budget to spending in communities of color and indigenous communities


Hire and Promote Inclusively

Ensure that people of color and indigenous people within their organization hold roles with substantive decision-making and spending authority


Contract Inclusively

Work with vendors and consultants that are either owned by people of color or include people of color in senior leadership roles with substantive decision-making and spending authority


Elevate Organizational

Leaders of Color Support organizations led by people of color and indigenous people, with attention to women of color led organizations


Measure and Evaluate

Produce an end of year report that confirms the organization complied with the Inclusion Principles and provides details on plans for increased improvement over time

We encourage you to use these Inclusion Principles in your work to bring racial equity to all sectors

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