Donors of Color and Covid19: Love in the Time of Corona

Dear Donors of Color Community,

We hope you and your loved ones are feeling safe and protected in this unprecedented moment. We know you’ve already received an abundance of information about COVID-19 from a public health perspective (from every institution you have EVER interacted with). So we’ll trust you don’t need to know more about our sanitizing measures here at Donors of Color. We are reaching out instead to talk about the promise we see in this time for our community to show up lovingly and in service to racial equity.

The founding vision of Donors of Color is to create a vibrant, cross-racial community of power and mutual care. We were made for moments like this one. 

 As the normal order of things is disrupted, by both pandemic and climate crisis, profound inequalities across society are laid bare. We want to seize the opportunity to uplift systemic remedies for justice and to use our collective imagination and resources to build new ways of being together and for one another. 

As scarcity increases, we want to model cooperation, mutual aid, and turning towards one another for solutions. As communities of color, we practice generosity and cooperation because that is what our communities do. 

As racism and xenophobia are used to distract from government failures  (it is no coincidence that the full-blown crisis has caused a switch by some from talking about “coronavirus” to “Chinese virus”), it is critical that we show up loudly in cross-race, cross-class solidarity. Let us commit to having one another’s backs. 

As government systems fail to protect our most vulnerable, we can give voice to the possibilities to completely re-envision our systems. We know most about what effective systems look like in part because we, as communities of color, have been on the wrong side of destructive systems for far too long. As we have often been the most vulnerable, we may also lay claim to expert status at survival and resilience. We have a great deal to offer in these times.

On the other side of this, everything will be different. What will our new normal be? What do you imagine, need, and yearn for at this time? What do we, collectively, have the power to shape?

We look forward to continuing to organize our collective power to bend and re-create systems towards love and justice. As we hold this long term vision, we also have some immediate actions in this moment:

  1. Move direct support to those most impacted by Covid-19.  Our team member, Nitika Raj, has put together an extensive list of giving opportunities. Feel free to share widely with your networks and contact us with opportunities that might be missing: GIVING OPPORTUNITIES FOR COVID-19
  2. Support the Donors of Color Power Fund. Our new collective giving vehicle for Donors of Color, the Power Fund supports strategic organizing and advocacy that builds systemic racial justice in politics and democracy, climate, and culture. Our goal is to raise $10 million to the Power Fund this year that will go directly to high-impact organizations. We are proud to share that the Power Fund will immediately be contributing $10,000 for Covid-19 organizing efforts to the Emergent Fund People’s Bailout.
  3. Continue to show up powerfully for the groups you already support. Step up with general operating support, renewal grants without applications, relaxed deadlines and deliverables, and giving organizations time and space to adjust strategies to new realities. This great piece from Vu Le includes some best practices for this moment: Funders this is the rainy day you have been saving up for – Vu Le.

Until next time we see you, thank you for practicing social solidarity and spaciousness. We wish you all goodness and health, community and love.

Ashindi and Hali


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