The Donors of Color Network is a community of high net worth donors committed to creating opportunity for communities of color and increasing equity across society. We work across race and intersections of gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability to solve problems at their core. We support the work and leadership of communities of color who are strategic, research-based, and are intentional about how power is leveraged to create systemic change.

Membership Eligibility

Eligible members of the Donors of Color Network have:

  • An interest in being an active part of a community dedicated to achieving systemic change that creates societal equity
  • An interest in moving resources to organizations committed to equitable social change
  • A belief in the genius of leaders and communities of color and their leaders
  • Willingness to leverage personal your own resources, social capital, and expertise to make changes
  • The ability to see differences with others in the community as a strength
  • Ability to work across race and other differences to achieve collective goals
  • The capacity to give $50,000 in a single year
  • The commitment to pay their annual membership dues to participate in the network

Donors of Color Network Shared Values

  • We are committed to working across race and other differences to create a more equitable society.
  • We develop strategies together based on research and best practices. Where there are no best practices, we innovate and develop new best practices.
  • We do our work with joy, curiosity, and boldness.
  • We set goals and and evaluate our impact.

Membership Benefits

The Donors of Color Network is an active community with many opportunities to engage with others and collaborate around high-impact learning and strategy.

Learning Opportunities
Ongoing communication/newsletters
Online Webinars: best practices in giving and philanthropy and the opportunity Leadership
Members are eligible to serve on the Donors of Color Network Board
Members may serve on organizational and investment committees that guide the
organizational and philanthropic investment work of the Network Philanthropic Impact
Curated investment opportunities in areas most of interest to members
Access to group and individual philanthropic advising
Opportunities to participate in programming of partner donor networks
Access to regular evaluation of the impact of investments made through the Donors of Color Network Community
Access to 1-2 national retreats or meetings each year (registration fee is additional)
Contact directory of other Donors of Color Network members
Participate in a curated listserve of other members
Regional Meetings: 1-2 events per year in each region (in year 1)

Membership Dues

Individual Membership: $10,000 for individual members
Couples Membership: $15,000 for couples; $5,000 for each additional family member
Institutional Membership: $20,000
Next Generation Members: $5,000, for members 35 and under

Annual dues go directly to supporting the work of this network including staff, communications, technology, programming, research, and event planning costs.

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